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I Love Oregon Wine offers a monthly wine club, weekly Oregon wine tasting, wine by the case, wine by the bottle, and wine advice by the Vino Vixen

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03/24/2011- Spring Break

Spring has sprung.  The daffodils and a few tulips at my house are a cheery sight to see through the rain. 

What did I do to celebrate the fist day of spring?  Work on my summer calendar, of course.  Nothing clears away the gloom of dark weather like making a plan for the 4th of July.  The start of spring break always signals the count-down towards the summer season.

The art gallery adjacent the wine place has been filling up.  I've enjoyed meeting local artists and seeing their work.  We had a potluck recently and they are just as good at cooking as they are at their art!  I brought wine, of course.  We shared a meal, drank a few toasts, and each artist talked about their work. 

These folks are not only artistic and good cooks, but they are kind souls as well.  They're welcoming spring by working in the garden.  I feel like I'm the non-artist that has been adopted by a family of creative types. 

Sitting around the table with the artists, I did a lot of listening.  I remembered when I began in the wine world and the vocabulary was unfamiliar to me.  The art world has a vocabulary that is unfamiliar to me, but amongst these people was the same convival spirit of pride in their work that is at the core of the wine world.  

This Saturday 3/26/11 my very favorite winemaker Sandee Piluso is my guest for tasting.  Please come meet her and take a stroll through the gallery.

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